Hello Reggaementeers...

A little late this week..
We thought we would go back into almost the beginning of our Reggae series. This was the second show we did in the Reggae series.

On this show we will play songs from: Johnny Nash / Jimmy Cliff / Lord Nelson / Frank Gallagar and a few more...

We do have some vintage songs of the beginnings of the more modern Reggae-calypso period of music. Will let you decide on all this.

Intro: Full Up-The Sound Detention

  1. Hold Me Tight-Johnny Nash
  2. Talking Parrot-Porter Calypso Band
  3. When Rock & Roll Come To Trinidad-Nat King Cole
  4. Perseverance-Count Lasha & His Calypsonians
  5. Wild World-Jimmy Cliff
  6. Medley Of Jamaican/Calypso # 1-Lord Fly & Dan Williams Orchestra
  7. Mama Look At bu bu-Harry Belafonte
  8. Night Food-The Calypso Quintet
  9. Maryanne-The Hilltoppers
  10. King Lire-Lord Nelson
  11. Treasure Of San Miguel-Herb Alpert
  12. Dr. Kitch-Lord Kitchner
  13. Cook La Chante-The Blue Devils Of Cape Hatian
  14. Medley: Calypso Down Jamacan Way-Count Owens & His Calypsonians
  15. Life Can't Go On Without You-Frank Gallagar & TheEmerald Beach Orchestra Outro: Tambuku-Robert Dranis

A note for this show listeners......

Basement Reggae will air only now once a month on the second Wednesday of every month. We have 2 new shows that were going to test on the third and forth week in a month. Were about to debut one of the new shows next week on Wed. The new show will be called: BASEMENT BEATLES...For any Beatle fans out there you will like this series. We have worked on this for now over a year but we are ready to release the first new shows. We hope you will like them.....