Hellooo Reggaementeers....

Well luckly we recorded a new show ...we had a misshap the last week...the heart of our show (Our Mix Board) is under the weather, so it's been rushed to the mixing doctor...so hopefully we will post a new show next time, but if not will post an older show until out beloved mixing board will be back in shape...it has worked soooo hard the last few years, it need s a check up.

Onto new business.....Well we were lucky to fire off a new Reggae show. On this shoe we have songs from: Yellow Man / Nat Charles / Dennis Brown / Robert French and Triston Palma.....and more......

Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension

  1. Bad Boy-Triston Palma
  2. Ja Ja Remedy-Shangoya
  3. A Ylinogo-Subri Moulin & His Rhythm Group
  4. Slow Down Woman-Dennis Brown
  5. Batakum-The Riverside Orchestra
  6. Nice Time-Johnny Nash
  7. Single life-Robert French
  8. Oh Polly Oh-Nathan Russell
  9. Boom Shack-A Lack-Junior Reed
  10. What Now My Love-Calypso Vibrations
  11. Roots, Rock & Reggae-Sugar Minot
  12. Don't Be That Way-Glen Derringer
  13. Private Beach Party-Greg Isaaks
  14. Te Maru Tefane-Eddie Lund & His Tahitians
  15. Zung 4 Sem-Yello Man
  16. Nani Waial Leale-The Hilo Hawaiians
  17. Mambo Jambo-Nat Charles
  18. Canto de Hacha-John Storm Roberts Outro: Gracias- Don Swan