Hellooo Reggmenteers...

This is a show should have posted for June 24th yes there are 5 reasons this is late...but we wont go into it here...just N'Joy.........

So on this show we have music from: The Desperado's / Aswad / Bob Marley and Ronnie Macintosh and a few more.

Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension

  1. Shaking It-Ronnie McCintosh
  2. Bimini Gal-The Goombay Kings
  3. Front Page-Nadine Sutherland
  4. Is It Love-Bob Marley & wailers
  5. Santa Manite-The Carabians
  6. Senyaka-Umaskasa Portugesa
  7. Wonderful Tonight-Kotch
  8. Ja Give Us This Day-Carlos Dje - Dje
  9. On & On-Aswad
  10. Gloria-Harry Belafonte
  11. I Believe In You-John Wainright
  12. Marley's Gone-Toots & The Maytals
  13. Somebody-The Desperados Outro: Medodious Overtures-The Carabians