Hellooo Reggaementeers....

We have another good show set up for you as we continue this experiment on music that makes you feel warm all over.....especially the people who are listening in colder regions of the world...or if there is snow over your city.

We will be playing songs from: Chalice / Bob Marley / Laid Back / The Ska Kings and a few more.....

So with not much more to explain, let's get going...

Intro: Full Up-The Sound Dimension

  1. Jamaican Ska-The Ska Kings
  2. Treasures Of Love-Winston Shand
  3. Zimbabwe-Bob Marley & Wailers
  4. The Liquidator-The Harr J. All Stars
  5. Saduva-Miriam Makeba
  6. Love Me Tonight-Audrey
  7. Stand Up And Fight-Jimmy Cliff
  8. Love Shot Kick The Bucket-The Pioneers
  9. Never You Change-Chalice
  10. Move Your Mule-Dandy
  11. Pugilato-Dance Time In Havana Orch.
  12. Lorraine-The Explainer
  13. Consperiers-The Earth Messengers
  14. Bam Cielena-Count Sticky & The Calypsonians
  15. Sunshine Reggae-Laid Back Outro: Tambuku-Robert Drasin

Time Approx: 60 Minutes