Hello Reggmenteers...
A new word we made for all the people who tune into the Reggae show.

Today we will have song from: Robert Roker / Ronnie Butler / The Goombay Kings and The Paragons and a few more too.

So let's all think warm and start the show.....

Intro: Captain Bogey-Dudley Smith & His Steel Band

  1. Love Me Forever-Carlton & The Shoes
  2. John B. Sails-The Goombay Kings
  3. 20 Mile Limbo-Chubby Checker
  4. Orinoco-Robert Drasin
  5. Land Of Sea & Sun-Harry Belefonte
  6. The Haragan-Augustin Martinez
  7. Pipe Organ-Byron Lee
  8. Too Much Pressure-The Selector
  9. Danger In Your Eyes-The Paragons
  10. Cock La Chante-The Blue Devil's Of Haiti
  11. Lively Up Yourself-Bob Marley
  12. The Wrong Man-Monty Reynolds & The Silver Sea's Orch.
  13. Shame & Scandal-Robert Roker
  14. Fools Rush In-Ronnie Butler
  15. Reunite Jamaica-The Earth Messengers
  16. How Can You-Third World
  17. Sweet Music-Shangoya Outro: Limbo-Dudley Smith & His Steel Band