Hellooooo Canada (Yes all of You) and Philippians...and everyone all over the world.....

Today were going back to Canada, a growing audience to the show the last couple of years. Were going to feature bands from the country of Canada.

Songs from bands ect will be from: Max Webster / Danny McBride / Spice / Gary O / Mary Roos / Harlequin and Brian Tyrell as the Beaver.

So here you go Canada one more time.

Intro: End Of The beginning-Contraction

  1. Coming To Get You-Coney Hatch
  2. Miss Lonely-Rich Dodson
  3. Pay You Back With Interest-Gary O
  4. Baby-Claude Dubois
  5. Sunshine-Andy Kim
  6. I'm In Trouble Again-Trooper
  7. Temporary Situation-Spice
  8. You Are The Same-Renee Claude
  9. Call Out My Name-Zwol
  10. Goodby Blues-Danny McBride
  11. Dance A Little Step-Mash McKahn
  12. Hard Rock Road-Steppenwolf
  13. Forever And Now-April Wine
  14. The Chimes Of My Heart-Mary Ross
  15. Take These chains-Beau Geste
  16. Let's Go & Rock-The Nightboys
  17. Stay Here-Tease
  18. It's A Shame If You Leave-Harlequin
  19. No Other Woman-Ocean
  20. Fly Little White Dove Fly-The Bells
  21. Coming Off The Moon-Max Webster
  22. Flying On The Wings Of A Song-Gary & Dave
  23. Thank You Come Again-Patsy Gailant
  24. Don't Look Back-Face To Face
  25. City Madness-Dan Hill
  26. Where The answer-One To One
  27. When I'm Near-Brian Tyrell
  28. Walking In Time-Catherine Lara
  29. Pre Madonna-Face Dancer
  30. Walk On-Neil Young
  31. Goof On The Roof-Rocki Rolletti 32.Long Way Around-Bravebelt Outro: Pixyland-Construction

Time Approx: 2 Hours