Helloooo Basementeers and all over Canada...

Today we have done this before in the past, playing music from Canada, but we have another show of Canadian rock.

Groups from this show will be from: Fludd / Rush / Street Heart / The Collectors / Dan Goodwin and The Canadian Squires .......

So if you have not heard much from Canada, well this is full of great songs.

Intro: Twitch-Aldo Nova

  1. Southbound Train-Steel River
  2. No Stranger-Saga
  3. Frustration-The Painted Wagon
  4. Halo Effect-Rush
  5. This Is Your Song-Dan Goodwin
  6. Tonight's A wonderful Night To Fall In Love-April Wine (Live)
  7. Loving You Ain't Easy-Michael Pagliaro
  8. What Am I Living For-Jack Scott
  9. Looking At A Baby-The Collectors
  10. Hey Ho What You Do To Me-The Guess Who
  11. Cousin Mary-Fludd
  12. Tare Down The Fences-Ocean
  13. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference-Tom Middleton
  14. Tonight (Lift Me Up)-Aldo Nova
  15. I Just Wanna Make Music-Ken Tobias
  16. Are You Ready For The Country-Neil Young
  17. Snow White-Street Heart (Live)
  18. Your Own Best Friend-Edward Bear
  19. I Believe In Sunshine-A Passing Fancy
  20. Lonesome River-Gary & Dave
  21. Sun Goes By-Dr. Music
  22. Let Your Man Fly-Max Webster
  23. Gypsy Lady-Aberhams Children
  24. Song Of The City Sings-The Stacattos
  25. Leave Me Alone-The Canadian Squires
  26. Look Out Cleveland-The Band
  27. Gaslight-The Ugly Ducklings
  28. Off Night Backstreet-Joni Mitchell
  29. I'm Running After You-Major Hooples Boarding House
  30. Main Street Kid-Christopher Ward
  31. Come Home Soon-The Kensington Market
  32. Forget About Her-Gary Thomas
  33. Ancient Evenings-Glass Tiger Outro: Long Gone-The Guess Who