Hellooo World and beyond...

As you might be prepping your Christmas Tree, here is another batch of Christmas songs for the back drop of Christmas music live from well...not the north pole, but from Minnesota, and yes it dose get pretty cold up here, this time of year.

So we will be playing songs from: The Ventures / Elvis / The Monty Python Crew and Jethro Tull and many more.

So continue to deck the halls and do that tree and will play the music here on SFTB.

Intro: Jingle Bells-The Ventures

  1. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town-The 4 Seasons
  2. Little Alter Boy-Jack Jones
  3. Santa How Come Your eyes Are Green-Louie Prima
  4. Rudolf The Red Nosed Rain Dear-Boots Randolph
  5. Gee Wiz It's Christmastime-Carla Thomas
  6. Santa's Yellow Skidoo-The 2nd Thought
  7. Frosty The Snowman-The Ronnetts
  8. Christmas Is Coming-Vince Guarldi
  9. Going Home Sing A Song Of Christmas Cheer/Silent Night-Bobby Sherman
  10. Christmas Is My Time Of Year-The Monkees
  11. Valley Forge-Paul Rever & The Raiders
  12. Child Of Winter-The Beach Boys
  13. Jingle Bell Rock-The Ventures
  14. Christmas-Darlene Love
  15. I Saw 3 Ships-Bing Crosby
  16. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas-John Denver & The Muppets
  17. Please Come Home For Christmas-The Eagles
  18. Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You-Billy Squire
  19. Thank God It's Christmas-Queen
  20. A Punk Rock Christmas-The Ravers
  21. Silver Bells-P.K & The Sound Explosion
  22. Santa Bring My Baby Back-Elvis Presley
  23. Christmas Song-Natural Gas
  24. Christmas Song-Jethro Tull
  25. Yullsville-Ed (Kookie) Burns
  26. My Christmas Card To You-The Partridge Family
  27. Christmas Wont Be The Same This year-Jackson 5
  28. God Rest Ye Old Gentleman-Nat King Cole
  29. Old Toy Trains-Glen Campbell
  30. December 25th-Scrooge Movie Soundtrack
  31. We Wish You A Merry Christmas-John Denver & The Muppet's
  32. Silent Night-Baby Washington
  33. Santa Bring Me Ringo-Christine Hunter
  34. Step Into Christmas-Elton John
  35. Tit For Tat-James Brown
  36. Over The River-The Chipmunks
  37. Christmas In Heaven-The Monty Python Crew
  38. What Christmas Means To Me-Stevie Wonder Outro:Jingle Bells-Brooker T. & The M.G.s