Hellooo World and a BIG HO-HO-HO to all from the jolly fat Basement.....

Today we will be putting on the platters, music from: Wings / Prince / The Southwest High School Choir / Lou Donaldson / Supreme's and Stevie Wonder.....

So were ready to dance and Prance ect...

Intro: Jingle Bell Rock-The Mistletoe Disco Band

  1. Santa's Gone Surfin'-The Malibooz
  2. Christmas For The Free-Argent
  3. Upon The Housetop-The Chipmunks
  4. Sleigh-ride-The Ronnettes
  5. Wonderful Christmas Time-Wings
  6. The Night Before Christmas Song-Caroleers Singers
  7. Tell It To The Mountain-The Brothers 4
  8. Another Lonely Christmas-Prince
  9. Someday At Christmas-Stevie Wonder
  10. Little Bright Star-Supremes
  11. Santa Clause is Coming To Town-Partridge Family
  12. Winter Wonderland-P.K. & The Sound Explosion
  13. 2000 Miles-Pretenders
  14. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers-Ramona Gerhard
  15. Scrooge-The Ventures
  16. Deck The Halls-Julie Andrews
  17. GOD'S Christmas Tree-The Southwest High School Choir
  18. Jungle Bell Rock-Dean Torence & Mike Love
  19. Yingle Bells-Yogi Yorgenson
  20. Caroling, Caroling-Nat King Cole
  21. White Christmas-Baby Washington
  22. Here Comes Santa In A Red Canoe-Frank Delima & The Honolulu Boys Choir
  23. Run Rudolph Run-Chuck Berry
  24. Presents For Christmas-Solomon Burke
  25. Merry Christmas/Happy New Year-Brook Benton
  26. Pop's We Love You-Diana Ross / Stevie Wonder / Smokey Robinson / Marvin Gaye
  27. Away With The Manjor-Tennessee Ernie Ford
  28. A Christmas Song-Shawn Phillips
  29. Easier Said Then Done-John Anderson
  30. The Little Christmas Tree-Richard Wintergarden
  31. Ho-Ho-Ho-Elton John
  32. Jingle Bells-Bob Mansky & Choir
  33. Snow White Rock Christmas-Vibra Corp.
  34. Reggae Christmas-Gabel Hall School Choir
  35. Jingle Bells-Lou Donaldson
  36. Do They Know It's Christmas-Band Aid
  37. White Christmas-Billy Squire
  38. Great Somebody-The Southwest High School Choir
  39. This Time Of Year-Brook Benton
  40. Make Christmas Bring You Happiness-Luther
  41. Carol de Luther-Rita Ford Collection
  42. Silver Bells-Jack Jones
  43. Sleigh Ride-Johnny Mathis
  44. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town-The Chrystal's
  45. We Wish You A Merry Christmas-The Ventures
  46. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing-Peanuts Gang
  47. Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year-James Brown
  48. The Lords Prayer-Jim Neighbors Outro: Jingle Bell Rock-The Mistletoe Disco Band