Hellow Classicteers all over...

Yes here is our journey thru the wonderful world of Classical music.

Why we would do a show like this ?? well why not. It is our experiment into Classical music and play stuff that dose not get heard much anymore.
So we thought we would play some classical songs for our audience who actually like this kind of music.

So we give you once a month of an hour of a Classical format.

Intro: The Vikings-SDTK

  1. The Piccolino-Stanley Black
  2. Second Veriation-Zimbler String Symphony
  3. Tragic Overture OP. 81-Bruno Walter
  4. First Movement-The Wingra Quintet
  5. The Sea Of Sinbad's Ship-Tichowski
  6. Sonata In G Major-The Manhattan Recorder Concert
  7. Faust Waltz-Pirats Of Penzance
  8. Diologue Du Vent Et De La Mar-The St. Louis Symphony
  9. Clair De Lune-Debussy
  10. Govotte No # 1-The Baroque Lute
  11. Presto Diverte Mento In D.
  12. An American In Paris-Michael Legrand
  13. Peice In Form Of A Sonatina-Lenard Bernstein
  14. Rondo The 4th Movement-Daniel Smith & The Caull String Quartet Outro: Miniature Orchestra-The Philadelphia Orchestra

Time Approx: 60 Minutes