Hi Basementeers all over ....

Well it's that time of year, Christmas is past, and what's next ?? the turn of a new year, sooo yes we have a New Years show for you. If you are going to stay in or haven't any party's you were invited to ??? Well join ours. We made a show with an party atmosphere for this occasion.

Will have our own new years celebration in the musical basement.

The songs we have for this show will be from: Diamond Head / Etta James / The Bar Kays / Boz Scaggs / Bobby Vee and a few more.....

So all of you are invited to party with us in the Basement.  HAPPY NEW YEAR
And hope it's a better one then the last....or just as good.....

Intro: Auld Lan Syne-Guy Lombardo
1. 1492-Betty Johnson
2. Another Year-Ian Gomm
3. 1963-Bobby Vee
4. What's Another Year-Johnny Logan
5. Early 1970-Ringo Starr
6. A Couple More Years-Dr. Hook
7. Back In '72-Bob Seger
8. 20 Years Ago-T.C. Atlantic
9. Son's Of 1984-Todd Rundgren
10. 1982-Randy Travis
11. 1993-Boz Scaggs
12. Year Of The Cat-Arnie Fogel 
13. 1999-Prince
                           The New Years Segment 
14. Countdown / Auld Lan Syne-Guy Lombardo
15. It's Just Another New Years Eve-Barry Manilow
16. New Years Day-U2
17. Everybody Rejoice-Diamond Head

                             Party Time

18. Party-Elvis Presley
19. Rockabilly Party-Hugo & Luigi
20. Gonna Have A Goodtime Tonight-The Easybeats
21. Party Lights-Claudine Clark 
22. Party Girl-Dick Roman
23. Party Girl-Tommy Roe
24. Up In Heah-Junior Wells
25. Party '66-The G Cleffs
26. In The Basement-Etta James
27. Soul Finger-The Bar Kays
28. Play The Music Tornados-The TSU Tornados 
29. Skinny Legs & All-Joe Tex
30. Soul Time-The Packers
31. Ruby's House Party-Ruby & The Party Gand
32. Believe In Me-Jessy James
33. Cracker Jack-Mickey & His Mice
34. Bring Up The Guitar-The Dapps & Alfred Ellis
35. Teen House Party-Sandy Nelson
36. The Baldy Stomp-The Decons
37. Farmer John-Idle Few
38. The Slide-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
39. The Grind-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
40. Straight Jacket-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
41. Here Comes My Baby-The Tremolos
42. Do Something To Me-Tommy James & The Shondells
43. My Baby Comes To Me-The Chicago Loop
44. New Years Party-George Thorogood
45. Auld Lan Syne-Guy Lombardo