Hello Metal Headz....

Well it's a rerun but boy what a goody....

On this episode we will have songs from: Def Leppard / Billy Squire / Boston and Zebra

Ready?? letz git rockinnnnn...

Intro: Warning-Black Sabbath

  1. Big City Rock-The Atlantics
  2. I Am-Bon Jovi
  3. About To Take The Time-Zebra
  4. Attitude Adjustment-Aerosmith
  5. Guilty-Def Leppard
  6. International Heroes-The British Lions
  7. I Can See For Miles-Styx
  8. If I'm Not There In The Morning-Eric Clapton
  9. I Had A Real Good Time-Boston
  10. Some Like It Hot-Coney Hatch
  11. Gone In 60 Seconds-Molly Hatchet
  12. Rhythm-Billy Squire
  13. I'm Ready-Foreigner
  14. Scandal-R.C.R. Outro: Into The Void-Black Sabbath