Hi Basementeers....

Today we have a show we posted as a test last year but we have it again and now we will be posting more of our new series once a month called: Basement Beatles.

On this show we will be playing various songs the Beatles and artist related to the Beatles made on record.
This is the beginning of our Beatles series.

Intro: She Love's you-George Martin

  1. Little Child-The beatles
  2. Kansas City-Pete Best
  3. Yellow Submarine-The Black Dyke Mills Band
  4. Love Me Do-Badfinger
  5. Were On Our Way-Chris Hodge
  6. Don't Let Me Wait Too Long-George Harrison
  7. Not A Second Time-Robert Palmer
  8. Intuition-John Lennon
  9. Waiting For The Sunrise-Yoko Ono
  10. Getting Better-The Beatles
  11. Lend Me Your Comb-Carolyn Hughes
  12. The Word-The Beatles
  13. It Wont Be Long-The Cliffs Over Lavender Hill
  14. Devil Woman-Ringo Starr
  15. Carolina On My Mind-James Taylor
  16. Little Woman Love-Paul McCartney & Wings
  17. My Dark Hour-The Steve Miller Band
  18. Old Brown Shoe-The Beatles
  19. God Save Us-The Elastic Oz Band Outro: She Loves You-George Martin