Hiyo Basementeers...

Well were still hoping MM2 Maintenance Man 2 can pull a miracle and get better but were feeling very down here about the health of MM2, so that is just one of 56 resons were lagging behind the release of the all the new shows to unleased onto you soon, but we are trying to make the Spring a good season. In the meantime we dive back into the archives of SFTB So we hope you will like this one.

So on this show we have songs from: RUSH / Dave Mason / The Scorpions / Tom Paxton / Stevie Wonder and a few more songs of course...

Intro: Chicken Delight Twist
1. More Of That Jazz-Queen
2. Manuela Run-Toto
3. Tittles-Barklay James Harvest
4. One Of A Kind-Stevie Wonder
5. Attitude Dancing-Carly Simon
6. Bastille Day-Rush (Live)
7. Gone Dead Train-Randy Newman
8. Without Love-Aretha Franklin
9. Crazy John-Tom Paxton
10. Stand Up For Your Rights-Gary Wright
11. What Would It Take-Jeff Lynn
12. It's Like You Never Left-Dave Mason
13. Love Is Surrender-The Carpenters
14. Jon The Generator-Maria Muldaur
15. Breaking Out-Santana
16. Love On A Sunday Morning-The Scorpions
17. No Bread Blues-Tasty Bread
18. Please Please Me-The Bearcuts
19. White Lies, Blue Eyes-The Lettermen
20. The Man You Are In Me-Janis Ian
21. Golden Slumbers-George Benson
22. Get Well Soon-Godley & Creme
23. Marrakesh Express-Enoch Light
24. Hot Streets-Chicago
25. More Then You Ever Know-James Stayton
26. One More Rainey Day-Deep Purple
27. Honkey Tonk Woman-Humble Pie
28. Most Anything You Want-Iron Butterfly
29. New York Connection-Tom Scott
30. Knock On Wood-The American Breed
Outro: Fight For Life-Jean Luc Ponty