Hello Basementeers....

We finally have the second edition of the YES group. Well you wanted more of YES well here you go.
There are some great songs we missed on the first show and there songs are so long it was destine to have a second show maybe even a third.

So sit back turn on the lava light once again and as we hear the music of YES.

Intro: Close To The Edge
1. Long Distance Runaround/The Fish
2. Looking Around
3. Final Eyes
4. Believe Again
5. Love Conquers All
6. And You & I
7. Dear Father
8. Our Song
9. Wonderous Stories
10. Future Times/Rejoice
11. Parallels
12. Time Is Time
13. It Would Be A Good Day
14. Eye Of The Camera
15. Shock To The System
16. Walls
17. Roundabout
18. We Are Heaven
19. Time And A Word
20. New State Of Mind
21. Rock Gives You Courage/It's So Hard  To Grow
Outro: Gates Of Delirium