Hello Basementeers....

Yes it's that time of year again to play the almost now classic Thanksgiving Episode. For all you hungry people for music about food, this is a show you should tune into. It's really for a Thanksgiving feast.

SFTB Is still operating, but we are in a transition with producing new shows concepts, finishing up a couple of books, and trying to at this point have some new shows for the new year, sorry we have been so silent lately, but were here and will be back in full operation as fast as we can, sometimes good things take time. Thanks for being patient. We hate having anybody wait for new concepts, it's just been a strange year anyway.... sooo...

On this show this one is really for the Thanksgiving audience. Most of the politicians are canceling Thanksgiving and the festivities, we want to have something on the internet all of you can listen to. So hunker down and here we go with our yearly presentation of SFTB Thanksgiving (Gobble-Gobble) show.

Intro: Chicken Pickin'-The Buckaroos

  1. Heartbreakers Beach Party-Tom Petty
  2. Alice's Restaurant Restaurant-The New Christie Minstrels
  3. I'm Not Going Hungry-Virgil Warner
  4. Breakfast With The Blues-Hank Snow
  5. Economy Lunch-The First Family
  6. Singing In The Kitchen-Bobby Bare
  7. Cooking In The Kitchen-Ringo Starr
  8. Cooking With Mini Mouse
  9. Cook Of The House-Wings
  10. Apples, Bananas, Peaches & Pares-The Monkees
  11. Doing The Banana Split-The Banana Splits
  12. Loving You Has Made Me Bananas-Guy Marks
  13. Honey Doo-The Strangeloves
  14. Vegetables-The Beach Boys
  15. Broccoli-The Association
  16. Salty Papa Blues-Diana Washington
  17. Hot Tamale-April Stevens
  18. I Love Onions-Susan Christie
  19. Mash Potatoes-Dee Dee Sharpe
  20. Matted Spam-Badfinger
  21. Gravy-Dee Dee Sharpe
  22. Psycho Chicken-The Fools
  23. Chicken Pickin'-The Buckaroos
  24. Chicken, Chicken-The Hilltoppers
  25. The Chicken-Jackie Lee
  26. Chicken Heads-Bobby Rush
  27. Chicken Necks-Don & Juan
  28. Let's Turkey Trot-Little Eva
  29. The Turkey-Raiders
  30. Bloat On-Cheech & Chong
  31. Red Barn Hamburger Hungry
  32. 1200 Hamburgers-Don Imus (In The Morning)
  33. Red Barn Spot
  34. Hot Pastrami-The Dartells
  35. My Balona-Wired Al Yankovick
  36. Hot Dog-Elephants Memory
  37. The Pizza Song-Dick Bondi
  38. Cheeseburger In Paradise-Jimmy Buffett
  39. CoCa Cola Cowboy-Mel Tillis
  40. The Frito Twist-Bill & Jo and the Uel Box Orchestra
  41. Dropped My Tater Chips-Deena Marie
  42. Cheesecake-Louis Armstrong
  43. Popcorn Charlie-Charles Spurling
  44. Mother Popcorn-James Brown
  45. Peanut Butter-The Marathons
  46. Sugar, Sugar-The Mad Lads
  47. Sweeter Than Sugar-The Ohio Express
  48. Sugarlump-The 4 Tunes
  49. Sugar Candy-Georgia Gibbs
  50. Banana Split-Meguire Sisters
  51. Ginger Bread-Frankie Avalon
  52. Ginger Bread Man-Tommy James
  53. Jelly Roll Gumdrop-Frank Zappa 54.1910 Cotton Candy Castle-1910 Fruit Gum Company
  54. Junk Food Junkie-Larry Groce Outro: Hot Sauce-Johnny Little

Are you Stuffed yet ???