Hello Beatlenteers....

On this episode of Basement Beatles, we are going to play bands that have covered Beatle songs from all over the world. Some songs are from the countries like: Spain, Mexico, Germany, South Korea and other countries as well.
We think it's going to be a neat show and play some records that are very rare these days.
So get ready to hear some songs by the Beatles in various languages.

Intro: She Love's You-Dave Appell & The Applejacks
1. Love Me Do-The White Stritch Marks
2. Devil In Her Heart-The Reno
3. 30 Pound Beatle-The Sultans
4. Paperback Writer-Groupo 15
5. Monkey Down To Londontown-The Bearcuts
6. The Night Before-The Shaggs
7. Sileb Ditch-The Beatles
8. She Loves You-The Jovenes
9. I Feel Fine-The Reno
10. A Hard Days Night-The Beatoma
11. Liverpool-The Mustangs
12. A Hard Days Night-The Mighty Fire Steel Band
13. Birthday-The Yaki
14. Rock & Roll Music-Rubi Wah
15. The Liverpool Stomp-The Bearcuts
16. Yellow Submarine-Simo and Spede
17. Till There Was You-The Reno
18. Japanese Beatle-The Liverpool Kids
19. I Feel Fine-The D. Drifters
20. Bungalow Bill-Sweet Feeling
21. Fast Beatle-The Sultans
22. Baby Beatle Song-Hans Schnider
23. Kom Gip Yo Donna Hand-The Beatles
Outro: Ticket To Ride-The British Beat A Go Go