Hello Basementeers all over...

On this episode of SFTB...we have a full show of songs from the members of the group Genesis. Steve Hackett / Phil Collins / Peter Gabriel / Mike Rutherford / Tony Banks / Anthony Phillips / Bill Bruford.....

Yes songs from there solo albums.
For the people who know Genesis but not knowing their solo songs...here is your chance. We crack the door open to the songs from solo lp's and you will hear hints of their Genesis contributions. Also did you know that there were other bands called, Gensis ?? all from the USA well we will play 2 trax from 2 different Genesis bands too.

We think you will like this show if your into Genesis music.

Intro: The Music Box-Genesis

  1. Moonshine-Mike Rutherford
  2. Time To Kill-UK-Bill Bruford
  3. D.I.Y.-Peter Gabriel
  4. Journey To The Moon-Genesis (USA)
  5. Don't Make Waves-Brand X-Phil Collins
  6. Funny Feeling-Steve Hackett
  7. Wise After The Event-Anthony Phillips
  8. Silent Running-Mike & The Mechanics-Mike Rutherford
  9. Guide Me Orion-The Flaming Youth-Phil Collins
  10. Double Bubble-Genesis (USA)
  11. In The Dead Of Night-UK-Bill Bruford
  12. Solsbury Hill-Peter Gabriel
  13. 1984-Anthony Phillips
  14. This Is Love-Tony Banks
  15. The Show-Steve Hackett
  16. I Missed Again-Phil Collins
  17. Match Of The Day-Genesis (UK) Outro: Wot Gorilla-Genesis