As usual It's Halloween coming up and we have a show just for this occasion. Music to scare by. Well we don't have enough candy to pass out, but we do have music to pass to your internet. Some of the songs will play will be from: KISS / KLAATU / Frank Zappy / Dave Edmunds / and Dickey Doo & The Dont's as the Beaver.... So turn the lights low and turn on your internet....... Intro: The Prince Of Darkness 1. Creatures Of The Night-KISS 2. Monster Shindig 3. Madman-Klaatu 4. Fool Killer-Johnny Rivers 5. Scooby Doo Theme 6. In The Dead Of Night-UK 7. Brink Of Death-Harold Ohild 8. The Monster Jerk-Don Hinson 9. Refrigerator Heaven-Alice Cooper 10. Underground-Montrose 11. Marching Off To Bedlam-Napoleon 14th 12. The Green Manalishi-Fleetwood Mac 13. Who Are The Brain Police-Frank Zappa 14. Rainbow Ride-Andy Kim 15. Monster Rock-Johnny Whitakar 16. The Adams Family Theme 17. The Adams Family-Joey Gaynor: as Frank Sinatra 18. Munsters Theme 19. Midnight Hour-? & The Mysterians 20. I Wanna Bite Your Hand-Gene Moss 21. My Son The Vampire-Alan Sherman 22. Hear The Wind Howl-Leo Kottke 23. Creature From The Black Lagoon-Dave Edmunds 24. You Must Be A Witch-The Lollypop Shoppe 25. About To Die-Procol Harum 26. It's About Time Theme 27. Flip Top Box-Dickey Doo & The Don'ts 28. Flight Reaction-The Calico Wall 29. Death Trap-Hawkwind 30. The Green Hornet Theme 31. Kling Klang-The Groovy Ghoolies 32. Life At Last-Phantom Of The Paradise SDTK 33. Rest Cure-Arthur Brown 34. Ha Ho-Lother & The Hand People 35. Hot Patooty Bless My Soul-Meatloaf 36. The Dream Police-Gary Newman 37. Fly-J.K. & Co. 38. Synthesize-Todd Rundgren 39. March Of The White Corpuscles-Daddy Dewdrop Outro: Burried Under The Bridge- Fankie Stein & His Ghouls