This Is A Basement Replay.....

Well we know were 1 week behind but were going to play our Valentines day show anyway. Well not quite a VD show, we did a show of break-up's / Cheating on your lover ect...

We also had a mishap in the Basement last week, Just when we were going record a new show, the heart of the Basement stopped...went kabloowee on us. Our mix board went to the scrapheap, but it's being looked at and we just might update in a week or two, so we might have to do some replays for a week or two, sorry kids...

But OK for the Basementeers who have not heard this show, here you go.

We will have songs from: Johnny Taylor / The Facts Of Life / Irma Thomas / Johnny Fortune and Eddie Hodges and more...

So get out your Valentines Day candy and pretend it's last week, here we go again.

Intro: Please Sunrise Please-Young, Holt Unlimited

  1. Hard Times For Young Lovers-Eddie Hodges
  2. I Can Do That-Tommy & Wanda Collins
  3. Don't You Lie To Me-Johnny Fortune
  4. Words Aren't Enough to Keep Me Happy Anymore-Bonnie Ferguson
  5. Times Have Changes-Irma Thomas
  6. Trying To Slip Away-Lloyd Price
  7. What's The Use Of Breaking Up-Jerry Butler
  8. Without Your Love-Charlie Ross
  9. When The lights Go Out-The Hollies
  10. One Light, Two Light-The Satisfactions
  11. Who's Making Love-Johnny Taylor
  12. Walk On By-Leroy Van Dyke
  13. Cheating In The Next Room-Z.Z. Hill
  14. Me & Mrs. Jones-The Dramatics
  15. Stop Sneaking Around-Brenda & The Tabulations
  16. The Cheater-Bobby De Soto
  17. I'm Running Around-Winmenifee
  18. The Love A Woman Should Give A Man-Patti Drew
  19. Hertz Rent A Chic-Lonzo & Oscar
  20. Don't Monkey With Another Monkey's Monkey-Johnny Paycheck
  21. The Spoiler-Eddie Purrell
  22. Caught In The Act-The facts Of Life
  23. Dear Ralph-Audrey Meadows
  24. You Broke My Heart At Walgreens & I Cried All The Way To Sears-Ruby Wright
  25. I Was Married-Billy Paul
  26. Late Last Night-Paul Anka
  27. She Ain't Loving You-The Distant Cousins
  28. It's all Over Paula-Paul from Paul & Paula
  29. Down To My Last Teardrop-Tanya Tucker
  30. I Cried My Last Tear-Ernie K. Doe
  31. There Wont Be Anymore-Charlie Rich
  32. Dirty Man-Laura Lee
  33. Rip Off-Laura Lee
  34. Picture Me Gone-Madeline Bell
  35. Single Girl Again-Molly Bee
  36. She's Everything She Doesn't Want To Be-Larry Weiss
  37. Going To The River-Tony Romance
  38. Cheshire Lane-Lee Silverton Outro: Cleo's Mood-Jr. Walker & The All Stars