Hellloooooo Indianapolis and Basementeers all over the world...

Welcome to another musical adventure into the great unknown, or a world of musical fantasy. As usual I have a few surprises for this week’s show,
bands featured on the show will be from: Bad finger / The Chancellors / The Oliver’s / Fleetwood Mac / Z.Z. Top / Mother Earth / Everly Brothers / Steely Dan and Elton John as the Beaver...
So as every week..the stax of wax are ready to spin.

Very Special thank you to: Elaine Greller for the jingles / Mike Mankey for pushing me to keep playing The Oliver’s and everybody else involved with this show for making it happen.

Intro: A Tab In The Ocean-Nectar

  1. When I Meet Them-Seals & Crofts
  2. Get The Message-Cyrus Erie
  3. I Can't Take It-Bad finger
  4. Move Me On Down the Line-Z.Z. Top
  5. Hey Girl-The Woolies
  6. Baby Be Mine-Johnny Williams
  7. Don't Destroy Me-Lowell Fulsome
  8. Little Latin Lupe Lu-The Chancellors
  9. Temptation Took Control of Me and I Fell-Mother Earth
  10. Daddy Don't Live In New York City-Steely Dan *11. Free-The Oliver’s
  11. Just Like Strange Rain-Elton John
  12. Driving Around-Raspberries
  13. My Little Sue-Terry Lee & The Poor boys
  14. Don't Run & Hide-The Everly Brothers
  15. Swans Across the Sun-Michael Murphy
  16. A Cruz a Espada-R P M
  17. Light My Way-Ted Nugent
  18. Factory Band-The Ides of March
  19. Carnival-Eric Clapton
  20. Don't Throw Our Love Away-Orleans
  21. Holy, Holy-David Bowie
  22. The Writer-U F O
  23. Future Games-Fleetwood Mac
  24. Each Days a Lonely Night-The Flock
  25. Sausalito-Ohio Express
  26. The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine-The Joyride
  27. Special Delivery-1910 Fruit gum Company
  28. Ball of Fire-Tommy James & The Shondells
  29. Don't Do It No More-Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas
  30. Meat City-John Lennon Outro: Zimbabwe Bop-Safety Last