Hellooww world and Basementeers ...

Well it's that time to change the number of the year from an 8 to a 9 witch means....one more year and it's a new decade.....until then, we have a new years show for everybody, and just think it's another day off work.

This is our special New Years show, complete with crowd sound effects in the backround.

Somgs will be featured on this show will be from: Etta James / U2 / T.C. Atlantic / The Idle Few / The Deacons and Barry Manilow as the Beaver....

So if you are not going out to celebrate with a crowd, and your staying alone...join our party in the Basement. You are welcome here.

So Happy New Year everybody everywhere....

Intro: Auld Lane Syne-Guy Lombardo

  1. 1492-Betty Johnson
  2. Another Year-Ian Gomm
  3. 1963-Bobby Vee
  4. What's Another Year-Johnny Logan
  5. Early 1970-Ringo Starr
  6. A Couple More Years-Dr. Hook
  7. Back In '72-Bob Seger
  8. 20 Years Ago-T.C. Atlantic
  9. Sons Of 1984-Todd Rundgren
  10. 1982-Randy Travis
  11. 1993-Boz Scaggs
  12. Tear Of The Cat-Arnie Fogel (Artic Enterprise)
  14. Countdown-Guy Lombardo
  15. It's Just Another New Years Eve-Barry Manilow
  16. New Years Day-U2
  17. Everybody Rejoice-Diamond Head PARTY TIME
  18. Party-Elvis Presley
  19. Rockabilly Party-Hugo & Luigi
  20. Gonna Have A Goodtime Tonight-The Easybeats
  21. Party Lights-Claudine Clark
  22. Party Girl-Dick Roman
  23. Party Girl-Tommy Roe
  24. Up In Heah-Junior Wells
  25. Party '66-The G Cleffs
  26. In The Basement-Etta James
  27. Soul Finger-The Bar Kays
  28. Play The Music Tornadoes-The TSU Tornadoes
  29. Skinny Legs & All-Joe Tex
  30. Soul Time-The Packers
  31. Ruby's House Party-Ruby & The Party Gang
  32. Believe In Me-Jesse James
  33. Cracker Jack-Mickey & His Mice
  34. Bring Up The Guitar-The Dapps & Alfred Ellis
  35. Teen House Party-Sandy Nelson
  36. The Baldy Stomp-The Deacons
  37. Farmer John-The Idle Few
  38. The Slide-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
  39. The Grind-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
  40. Straight Jacket-Gregory Dee & The Avanties
  41. Here Comes My Baby-The tremolos
  42. Do Something To Me-Tommy James & The Shondells
  43. My Baby Comes to Me-The Chicago Loop
  44. New Years Party-George Thorogood
  45. Auld Lane Syne-Guy Lombardo


Have Fun ... Be Careful.