Hellooo Basementeers... all over

Well in the USA we celebrate America's Birthday on July 4th, so we did a special patriotic show to celebrate.

Songs will be from: The Hollies / Chicago / Johnny Cash / James Brown and Tiny Tim as the Beaver....

So let the fireworks begin....

Intro:Anchors Aweigh-Henry Mancini

  1. God You Must Have Blessed America-Glen Campbell
  2. Spirit Of America-Ed Munter
  3. What's More American-Bing Crosby
  4. Song For America-Kansas
  5. Americas-The French Revolution
  6. What Now America-Lee Michaels
  7. Sandy-The Hollies
  8. American Folk Trilogy-The St. Louis Park Band & Choir
  9. Amusement Parks USA-The Beach Boys
  10. America Again-W. Willow
  11. Saturday In The Park-Chicago
  12. Feel The Spirit-Leroy Hutson
  13. Bicentennial-Ohio Players
  14. Bicentennial-Loudon Wainwrite 3rd
  15. What Kind Of American Are You-Tiny Tim
  16. America My Home-James Brown
  17. What Did Washington Say-Lou Monte
  18. America-Simon & Garfunkel
  19. Somethings Just Got To Change-Ray Charles
  20. Ragged Old Flag-Johnny Cash
  21. Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death-The Salem Travelers
  22. America Communicate With Me-Ray Stevens
  23. Freedom Lives In A Country Song-R.W. Blackwood
  24. A Day That Changed The World-Jimmy Dean
  25. MIA/POW-Pat Boone & Mike Curb Congregation
  26. Hey America-James Brown
  27. Battle Hymn Of L.T. Calley-Terry Nelson & C. Company
  28. Spirit Of America-The Beach Boys
  29. When Johnny Comes Marching Home-Lee michaels
  30. God Bless America-Kate Smith Outro: Hey America-James Brown