Hellooo Tampa Fl / Hamilton, Ont, Canada...

Yes It's a new year 2018 and why not start with something fun... We have another show on TV Themes. You will remember something from here. Not many people have done shows like this, but this show was a gem to pull together, and yes we will do this again in the future....but on this show you will hear TV themes like: Josie & The Pussycats / Bob Newhart Show / Cheers / Fat Albert/ Medical Center / Big Blue Marble and Fantasy Island much more......
So be close to your TV but don't turn it on we've done that for you....

Intro:Peter Gunn Theme-Video All Stars
Set 1
1.ABC's Wide World Of Sports
2.Simon & Simon
3.Medical Center
4.The Archies
5.WKRP In Cincinnati
Set 2
1.Scooby Doo
2.Dark Shadows
3.Fat Albert
4.Yogi Bear
5.Yogi Bear - Robert Aquayo
Set 3
1.Josie & The Pussycats
2.The Young & The Restless
4.Skippy The Bush Kangaroo
5.Welcome Back-John Sebastian
Set 4
2.Sledge Hammer
3.Where The Action Is
4.Patty Duke
5.Patty Duke-Robert Aquayo
Set 5
1.Walt Disney World Of Color
2.Bob Newhart Show (70's)
3.Wonder Woman
4.Saved By The Bell
5.Friends-Johnny Whitaker
Set 6
1.The New Zoo Review
2.Getting Together-Bobby Sherman
3.Big Blue Marble
4.Harlem Globetrotters
5.Evolution Revolution-Lancelot Link
Set 7
1.The 6 Million Dollar Man
3.The Newlywed Game
4.Police Story
5.Avengers Theme-Jerry Murad's Harmonicats
Set 8
1.The Carol Burnett Show
3.The Girl From UNCLE
4.Lost In Space
5.Tonight Show Theme-Doc Severinsen
Set 9
1.Night Gallery
2.Life & Times Of Grizzly Adams
3.Judd For The Defense

5.Shindig-The Shindiggers
Set 10
2.Ren & Stimpy
3.Space Ghost Coast To Coast
4.Murphy Brown
5.Open Up Your Heart-Pebbles & Bam-Bam
Set 11
1.Growing Pains-B.J. Thomas Jennifer Warnes
2.Silver Spoons
3.Family Ties-Johnny Mathis
4.Matt Huston
5.Swatt Theme-Rhythm Heritage
Set 12
1.B.J. And The Bear
3.Trapper John M.D.
4.Baa Baa Black Sheep
5.Baretta's Theme-Sammy Davis Jr.
Set 13
1.James At 15
2.Eight Is Enough
3.Fantasy Island
4.The Paper Chase
5.Happy Days-Pratt And McClain
Set 14
1.The Price Is Right
2.Family Feud
3.Siskel And Ebert
4.The Young Ones
5.Sesame Street-The Kids
Set 15
1.The Secret, Secret Squirrel
2.Cool McCool
3.Super Chicken
4.Lost In Space
5.The Rockford Files-Mike Post

Time Approx: 2 Hours