Hellooo Titusville, FL, & Helsinki, Finland...and Basementeers all over.
For the people who work at NASA or anyone who has an intrest in Space...we made a show for you, we came up with some nutty songs about space and ect.

Songs will include from: Journey / Steve Miller Band / ELO / George Thorogood / Trooper and Vik Veanus as the Beaver......

So let's take off into the stratosphere........We will have another space show soon, when we can find it lol...soon....

Intro:Moonshot-10 Tuff Guitars
1.Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth-Donovan
2.Mr. Blue Sky-ELO
3.In The Nightime-George Thorogood
4.Darkness, Darkness - Mott The Hoople
5.Deeper Then The Night-Olivia Newton John
6.Star Trek Theme
8.Space Cowboy-Steve Miller Band
9.Fireball XL-5 Theme
10.Space Station # 5-Montrose
11.Moonflight-Vik Veanus
12.Luna Trip-Dicky Goodman
13.Flying Saucer-Buchanan & Goodman
14.Moonshot-10 Tuff Guitars
15.Walk To The Moon-Freddy Cannon
16.Fly Me To The Moon-Frank Sinatra
17.Moontalk-Tommy Roe
18.Live From The Moon-Trooper
19.Hey Moon Men-Hilde Somer
20.The Man Who Found God On The Moon-Mike McGear
21.Moonlight-Dennis Wilson
22.Moon Love-Nat King Cole
23.Moondreams-Denny Laine
Outro: Moonshot-10 Tuff Guitars

Time Approx: 90 Min.