Helooo Basementeers.....

We have 2 short groups for you in one show, The bands are PARIS and IRONHORSE. The reason were putting 2 groups in one show is because, both bands only made 2 albums. The first group will feature will be PARIS. Bob Welch formed this band after leaving Fleetwood Mac in 1975. They had 2 albums that came out in 1975.

The second group is Ironhorse. This was Randy Bachmans band after he left Bachman, Turner Overdrive.

So were going to play selected trax from there lp's.

1.Black Book
2.Blue Robin
4.New Orleans
5.Beautiful Youth
6.Heart Of Stone

1.Playing The Same Old Song
2.Sweet Lui Louise
3.Railroad Love
5.Somewhere Sometime
6.Old Fashioned
7.Try A Little Harder
Outro:You Gotta Let Go

Time Approx : 60 Minutes