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Hellooo, Long Beach, CA & Lancashire, England...and Basementeers everywhere..

This is our Valentines Day show, we aired this originally back in 2014, but this was one of the early lost shows, so it's coming out of retirement.
Well if your in love your not going to like this episode..we kind of turned VD Day on it's's break-up songs....yes for craps and giggles we did this for this show. But it's all in good fun and yes most radio shows will be playing lovey-dovey sappy love songs anyway, so will do the opposite of that.

Stuff you will hear on this episode will be from: Bobby Desoto / Johnny Paycheck / The Facts Of Life / Z.Z. Hill / The Hollies / Johnny Fortune and Eddie Hodges as the Beaver....

So have a special someone you want to break up with ??..well you came to the right place.....

P.S. You can make up after the show...

Intro: Please Sunrise Please-Young, Holt Unlimited

  1. Hard Times For Young Lovers-Eddie Hodges
  2. I Can Do That-Tommy & Wanda Collins
  3. Don't You Lie To Me-Johnny Fortune
  4. Words Aren't Enough To Keep Me Happy Anymore-Bonnie Ferguson
  5. Times Have Changed-Irma Thomas
  6. Trying To Slip Away-Lloyd Price
  7. What's The Use Of Breaking Up-Jerry Butler
  8. Without Your Love-Charlie Ross
  9. When The Lights Turned On-The Hollies
  10. One Light, Two Lights-The Satisfactions
  11. Who's Making Love-Johnny Taylor
  12. Walk On By-Leroy Van Dyke
  13. Cheating In The Next Room-Z.Z. Hill
  14. Me & Mrs. Jones-The Dreamatics
  15. Stop Sneaking Around-Brenda & The Tabulations
  16. The Cheater-Bobby De Soto
  17. I'm Running Around-Winfenifee
  18. The Love A Woman Should Give A Man-Patti Drew
  19. Hertz Rent A Chick-Lonzo & Oscar
  20. Don't Monkey With Another Monkey's Monkey-Johnny Paycheck
  21. The Spoiler-Eddie Purrell
  22. Caught In The Act-The Facts Of Life
  23. Dear Ralph-Audrey Meadows
  24. You Broke My Heart At Walgreens-Ruby Wright
  25. I Was Married-Billy Paul
  26. Late Last Night-Paul Anka
  27. She Ain't Loving You-The Distant Cousins
  28. It's All Over Paula-Paul From Paula
  29. Down To My Last Teardrop-Tanya Tucker
  30. I Cried My Last Tear-Ernie K. Doe
  31. There Wont Be Anymore-Charlie Rich
  32. Dirty Man-Laura Lee
  33. Rip Off-Laura Lee
  34. Picture Me Gone-Madeline Bell
  35. Single Girl Again-Molly Bee
  36. She's Everything She Doesn't Want To Be-Larry Weiss
  37. Going To The River-Tony Romance
  38. Cheshire Lane-Lee Silverton Outro: Cleo's Mood-Jr. Walker & The All Stars

Time Approx : 2 Hours