Hellooooo Cape Kennedy, Fl. & Lomas de Zamora & Mendoza, Argentina, South America....and Basementeers all over the place......

Well today is a 2 parter to the Space show we did not all that long ago. This was request anyway so here it is by request......

So for the people who love looking up at the stars and space, well view it through music.

Music will be played by:The Police / David Bowie / The Church / The Elegants / Status Quo and Bobby Sherman as the Beaver.....

So let's fly off into the great beyond...

Intro: Moonshot-10 Tuff Guitars

  1. Wishing On The Moon-Dan Fogelberg
  2. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon-Raiders
  3. Please Mr. Sun-Paul Peterson
  4. Look Here Comes The Sun-The Sunshine Company
  5. Comes The Sun-The Archies 6.Sun Will Keep Shining-The Moody Blues
  6. Hey Mr. Sun-Bobby Sherman
  7. Ice In The Sun-Staus Quo
  8. Invisable Sun-The Police
  9. Veanus & Mars-Paul McCartney & Wings
  10. Life On Mars-David Bowie
  11. Jupiter Child-Steppenwolf
  12. Cast Your Spell Uranus-Argent
  13. Magic Star-Kenny Hollywood
  14. Look For A Star-Gary Mills
  15. Wish Upon A Star-Steve Miller Band
  16. Little Star-The Elegants
  17. Swing On A Star-Dion & The Bellmonts
  18. Shooting Star-Dollar
  19. Dark Star-Crosby, Stills & Nash
  20. Northern Lights-Reniacanse
  21. Under The Milky Way-The Church
  22. Will There Be Space In A Space In A Spaceship-The McGuier Sisters
  23. Lost In Space TV Theme Outro: North Pole Rock-Dicky Goodman

Time Approx: 90 Minutes