Hellooo all you Metalteers everywhere.....

Yes this is the debut of a new concept for SFTB. I have had a few requests and a few demands to go totally heave metal, but I figure to please all the listeners to all the shows, we will open up a new show for the people who have a need and miss Metal & hard rock music. So we came up with (BASEMENT METAL)...We do hope you will like our efforts......were trying to please here..... So with that said. The show for now will be a weekly show, 60 minutes playing music from the Hair metal age and throw in a bunch of other harder rock that I wouldn't usually play om my regular SFTB weekly show, We are still experimenting and tweaking this concept but we will hit our stride soon. Again Hope you like our efforts.

We will feature songs from: KISS / Iron Maiden / Judas Priest / Exciter and a few more. So here we zoom into the world of Metal.

Intro:Opa-Loka - Hawkwind

  1. Rock The Nation-Montrose
  2. Hard Lovin' Man-Riot
  3. Pounding Metal-Exciter
  4. Trashed-Black Sabbath
  5. We Care A Lot-Faith No More
  6. I Just Wanna-KISS
  7. Keeper Of The Faith-Heir Apparent
  8. Rock Hard, Ride Free-Judas Priest
  9. Break The Chain-Raven
  10. I Got The Fire-Axe
  11. Another Night On The Town-The Rods
  12. Sea Of Madness-Iron Maiden
  13. Sirens-Savatage Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Time Approx: 60 Minutes