Hellooo Metal Heads & Head Bangers where ever you are.....
Well were into week 2 in a grand experiment that is looking to be a hit here...as we call it Basement Metal..I think you know what kind of music were talking about.

This week we will play trax from: The Oman / Metal Church / Hawkwind / This Lizzy and a few more.

So let's get rockin'
This show goes out to -ROCK FINGERS-

Intro: Opa-Loka-Hawkwind

  1. Mad Donna-The Heretix
  2. Highwire-Railway
  3. One Good Lover-Siren
  4. Master Of The Pit-Cirith Ungol
  5. She Makes Me Feel alright-Journey
  6. Walking The Shadows-Queensryche
  7. Cold Sweat-Thin Lizzy
  8. Watch The Children Pray-Metal Church
  9. Living On A Knifes Edge-Hawkwind
  10. Babylon Fell-Celtic Frost
  11. Give Me All Your Love-Whitesnake
  12. The Axeman-The Omen
  13. Bad Time-Angel
  14. Gloves Of Metal-Man O War Outro: Iron Dream-Hawkwind

Time Aprox: 60 Minutes