Helooo Metal Heads all around the world.
And everybody else.....

Today we have a special concept for the metal series, were playing what we call songs that deal with outer space, or space travel ect.....we call it space metal....or Astral Rock....or Rocking 'Round the universe...we just couldn't come up a solid tittle so we have 3 of them, and they all sound good !!! well we think so.

Songs will be played will be from: KISS / Def Leppard / Deep Purple / Journey and a few more.

So if you wanna get away with us and musically travel the stars...this is where you want to be -Space Truckin' kind of sort of....

Intro: Stargate-Starcastle

  1. Space Station# 5-Montrose
  2. Spaceman-Journey
  3. Supernaught-Black Sabbath
  4. Super Trooper-Deep Purple
  5. Astral Traveler-Yes
  6. Around The Universe In 80 Days-Klaatu
  7. Rocket Ride-KISS
  8. PXR5-Hawkwind
  9. Mirrors-Angel
  10. Ride Into The Sun-Def Leppard
  11. Space Baby-Captain Kirk
  12. Jupiter Child-Steppenwolf
  13. Touched And Gone-Gary Wright
  14. Children Of The Sun-Billy Thorpe Outro: Nova-Starcastle

Time Approx: 60 Minutes