Hiyo Folks all over the world....

On this spotlight show we have a band called: New England. They were produced by Paul Stanley of KISS and Todd Rundgren...not at the same time though that would have been chaos... but pulled off 3 incredible albums and you will hear trax from them.

Intro: Nothing To Fear

  1. Living In The 80's
  2. Hello, Hello
  3. L-5
  4. It's Never Too Late
  5. Don't Ever Want To Lose You
  6. She's Gonna Tear You Apart
  7. Seal It With A KISS
  8. Shoot
  9. Walking Wild 10.Hey Your On The Run
  10. Alone Tonight
  11. Holding Out On Me
  12. The Last Show
  13. Elevator Outro: Hope

Time Approx: 60 Minutes