P A R E T A L G U I D E N C E for one song (*)

Hellooooo, Honolulu, HI & Hamilton, Ont, Canada...and Basementeers all over....

Today we have NOT another 80's show, but a first for SFTB, we looks back the 1990's in music. We pulled out songs from that decade and we played them. Or were about to....only when your ready to hear them.

We will be spinning songs from: KISS / RUSH / Fleetwood Mac / Styx / Cheap Trick / Yes / Soul Coughing / Fastball and Alice In Chains as the Beaver....

So if this was your youth in music....here is a neat show for you.

Intro: El Becko-Jeff Beck

  1. Take A Chance-Bob Seger
  2. Everynight-Electric Light Orchestra
  3. Can't Stop Falling In Love-Cheap Trick
  4. Black & White-Janis Ian
  5. Don't Treat Me Bad-Firehouse
  6. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong-Spin Doctors
  7. Long Leather Coat-Paul McCartney
  8. We Are One-KISS
  9. Totem-RUSH
  10. Brave New World-Styx
  11. Freedom-Fleetwood Mac
  12. Open Your Eyes-YES
  13. A Little Ain't Enough-David Lee Roth
  14. My Poor Brain-Foo Fighters
  15. Flesh Wound-Foreigner
  16. Head First-Aerosmith
  17. Big Bang Baby-Stone Temple Pilots 18.Fire Escape-Fastball
  18. Pain-Elton John
  19. Love Fool-The Cardigans
  20. St. Louis Is Listening-Soul Coughing
  21. Century-Live
  22. Over Now-Alice In Chains *24. Why Go Home-Pearl Jam
  23. Good Clean Fun-Allman Brothers
  24. Walk On (Short Walk)-Boston Outro: Darkness, Earth In Search Of A Sun-Jeff Beck

Time Approx: 2 Hours