Helloooo, Portland, Or. & Auckland, New Zealand and Basementeers everywhere...

So here we go with another bunch of songs to feature on the show with no rhyme or reason except to get them to all of you, so you can hear them, that's all.

Stuff to play will be from: Dion / Esther Phillips / John Coltrane / Richie Havens / Sammy Hagar / The Beatles / Jimmy Buffett and Charlie Rich as the Beaver.....

So enough talk, let's get 2 it....

Intro:Hey, Hey-Gershon Kingsly
1.I Want You With Me-Bobby Darin
2.Someday Man-Paul Williams
3.Sad Little Girl-Les McCann
4.Down & Out-Charlie Rich
5.It's A Hang Up Baby-Z.Z. Hill
6.Garden Of Love-Gene Pitney
7.Copy Cat-Gary (US) Bonds
8.Talkin' About You-The Rolling Stones
9.Soldier Of Love-The Beatles
10.Run Much Faster-Matchbox
11.Love Machine-Uriah Heep
12.Boogie Brothers-Savoy Brown
13.TV Guide-Graham Nash
14.Wounded In Love-Sammy Hagar
15.Somebody To Love-Jefferson Airplane (Live)
16.But That's Alright-Hank Thompson
17.Country Feelings-Bobby Goldsborro
18.Youngstown-Bruce Springsteen
19.Dry Your Eyes-Bobby Vee
20.Destination Love-Winonie Harris
21.Run Away Man-Dion
22.After The Rain-John Coltrane
23.In A Station-Olivia Newton John
24.You Don't Know Me At All-Ringo Starr
25.Just Like A Fish-Esther Phillips
26.Go Tell My Baby-Chubby Checker
27.Ring Around The Moon-Richie Havens
28.If Only You Believe-Gayle McCormick
30.So Where's The Party-Jimmy Buffett
31.Day Of Change-Lee Michaels
32.Most Likely To Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine-Bob Dylan & The Band (Live)
33.How Can You Love Me-Ambrosia
34.Find Another Girl-Jerry Butler
35.Will Walk Together-Dee Dee Sharp
Outro:Thick As A Brick-Jethro Tull

Time Approx: 2 Hours