This is a basement replay....

Were doing some work on the regular shows file this week and maybe next week, so we are in the re-run mode ...hope you will enjoy some older classic SFTB shows for a week or two.

Will be back with new shows very soon, we always do but need to do some computer maintenance on this show file.

Here is a show that we featured in 2017, Songs past there prime, well it's really artists and groups past there prime. Older groups that are still making records but will never have hits in this day & age.

We will feature songs from: Molly Hatchet / Eric Clapton / Bob Dylan / Deep Purple / Z.Z. Top / John Lennon and Peter Noon as the Beaver.

Intro: Meat-Manfred Mann

  1. California Dreaming-The Beach Boys
  2. Call Of The Wild-Deep Purple
  3. Heartbreak Love-Johnny Rivers
  4. Change The World-Eric Clapton
  5. Union Sundown-Bob Dylan
  6. Run Away Train-Elton John & Eric Clapton
  7. Real Love-John Lennon
  8. Real Love-The Beatles
  9. Big Boss Man-B.B. King
  10. A Love Song-Joey Molland
  11. Choo Choo-Santana
  12. When The River Rises-Firefall
  13. If Anybody Had A Heart-Crosby, Stills, Nash
  14. Deep Water-Molly Hatchet
  15. Sweet Life-Carole King
  16. I'm Gonna Rock Tonight-Peter Noon
  17. 2000 Blues-Z.Z. Top
  18. Every Night-ELO (Part 2)
  19. She Used To Love Me A Lot-Johnny Cash
  20. Working At The Factory-The Kinks
  21. Bad News Travels Fast-Bachman, Turner Overdrive
  22. Amanda Ruth-The Everly Brothers
  23. Back To School-Nazareth
  24. Radio Heart-Gary Newman
  25. I Feel Love Coming On-Jay & The Techniques Outro: Telegraph Road-Dire Straits