Hello Basementeers...

We will inform all Basementeers that SFTB will be on replay mode for a few weeks because our mixing board blew up needs to see the doctor for a long overdue check up. So please be patient with us we have a couple of new shows we got recorded, they will be posted.

This is a Basement Replay....for Friday February 7, 2020..
We got a request for this Spotlight show, a show from the music of 38 Special. A great southern rock band with great under-rated songs that well now you can hear once more.

Intro: Robin Hood

  1. I'm A Fool For You
  2. Rockin' Into The night
  3. Hittin' & Runnin'
  4. Like No Other Night
  5. Return To Paradise
  6. What's It To Ya
  7. Long Time Gone
  8. You Keep Running Away
  9. 29th Century Fox
  10. Teacher, Teacher
  11. Against The Night
  12. You Got The deal
  13. Fantasy Girl
  14. Undercover Lover
  15. Just Wanna Rock & Roll
  16. Midnight Magic
  17. Turning To You
  18. Just A Little Love
  19. First Time around
  20. The Love That I Lost
  21. 4 Wheels
  22. Backdoor Stranger
  23. See In Your Eyes
  24. Innocent Eyes
  25. What Can I Do
  26. Breakin' Lose Outro: Robin Hood