Hellooo Basementeers all over...

Well here in the basement we had a brain fart...a few weeks ago I thought we posted this show and we aired the second part first by mistake, well ok making up for lost time, here it is the first AC/DC show we should have posted a month ago. So here we go, for the first time here we present AC/DC part one. So here are more songs to rock to from the no # 1 band from Australia.

So here we go rocking to AC/DC

Intro: D.T.

  1. Bad Boy Boogie
  2. Girls Got Rhythm
  3. Rockin' In The Parlor
  4. Rock The Blues Away
  5. Fly On The Wall
  6. Givin' A Dog A Bone
  7. Rock & Roll Damnation
  8. There's Gonna Be Some Rockin'
  9. Whole Lotta Rosie
  10. Boogie Man
  11. Kissing Dynamite
  12. Snowballed
  13. Stock Around
  14. Shot Of Love
  15. Wheels
  16. Rising Power
  17. What Do You Do For Money Honey
  18. Who Made Who
  19. Hard Times
  20. Dog Eat Dog
  21. Show Business
  22. Up To My Neck In You
  23. Borrowed Time Outro: Chase The Ace