This Is A basement Re-play
(for the people who didn't hear it the first time.........

Hi again Basementeers. Well we pulled out an oldie but a goodie from the spotlight vaults, we thought we would play the music of Billy Squire.

This was a good rockin' show and a guy who dose not get enough pod-play these days...and should.

So we will go through Billy Squire records and play trax that you might like.

Intro: Fall For Love

  1. Tide Up
  2. Shot Of Love
  3. You Should Be High Love
  4. Can't Wait
  5. Take A Look Behind Ya
  6. It Keeps You Rockin'
  7. Wadd-ya Want From Me
  8. The Big Beat
  9. I Put A Spell On You
  10. The Last Time
  11. Two Days Gone
  12. Everybody Wants Ya
  13. Out Of Control
  14. In The Dark
  15. Rock Me Tonight
  16. Lady With A Tenor Sax
  17. Drop By And Stay
  18. Rhythm / A Bridge So Far
  19. Don't Let Me Go
  20. Can't Get Next To Ya
  21. Young Girls
  22. Loving You Ain't So Hard
  23. Learn How To Live
  24. Rich Kid
  25. Come Home Outro: The Big Beat