Hellooo Basementeers all over...

This is a Basement replay, plus a request.....
One of the many listeners to the show asked if I ever heard of Brewer & Shipley...well I replied I did a full show on them. He did not hear it, so here we go again.

These guys are from Mid America and had 7 albums to there name. Well we will play trax from them, we think you will like a few.

Intro: 50 States Of Freedom

  1. Truly Right
  2. The Light
  3. Shake Off The Demon
  4. ECO - Catastrophe Blues
  5. Rise Up
  6. Black Sky
  7. Rock & Roll Hostage
  8. One Toke Over The Line
  9. Time & Changes
  10. Pig's Head
  11. Bound To Fall
  12. Sleeping On The Way
  13. Working On A Wall
  14. Don't Wanna Die In Georgia
  15. Keeper Of The Keys
  16. One By One
  17. Too Soon Tomorrow
  18. Love, Love
  19. On The Road In Kansas City
  20. Yankee lady
  21. Witchi Taito
  22. Natural Child
  23. Have A Good Life Outro: Blues Highway

Time Approx: 90 Minutes