Helloooo Basementeers everywhere.....

NOTE:...Last week we had a computer glitch so there was no spotlight show we do appologies, well computers can be tempermental somethimes, we didn't have the time to do the corrections till today, but we feel will post another show and that's what were doing so with that said....

.............Today we have a band from San Francisco, California called : EARTHQUAKE...Yes they are going to shake the basement up !! Very unknown but boy when you hear them, you'll rush to your record stores and want there lp's !!

Intro:Hit The Floor
1.Goodby California
4.Bight Lights
5.Route 66 (Live)
6.Same Old Story
7.Do You Want To Touch Me (Live)-Tommy James
8.I Don't Wanna Say Goodby
9.Riding High On Love
10.Loving Cup
12.Saving My Love
13.Tin Soldier (Live)
14.Coming Home
15.See What My Love Can Do
16.Don't Wanna Go Back
17.Blurry Eyes
18.Train Ride
19.Little Cindy
20.Hit The Floor
Outro:Live & Let Live

Time Approx: 90 Min.