This Is A Basement Replay...

Hello world for the people who didn't hear this before, here it is again.

We have been working on new shows, but life is taking me away from completing these newer shows please bare with us, but things are going on here and also we have been getting requests for bands that we have shows for, so that's what were doing here...

So we have a great show we did in 2016...the 2 guys who formed the Turtles and after that, played with Frank Zappa and then formed there own new group called: Flo & Eddie (Howard Kaylan & Marc Volman)

So we will be playing relics from there career, we think you will like this show.

Intro: Motorheads Midnight Ranch

  1. The Flo & Eddie Theme
  2. Thoughts Have Turned
  3. Mystery Roach
  4. Living In A Jungle
  5. Let Me Make Love To You
  6. Your A Lady
  7. Flo & Eddie Radio Clip # 1
  8. Best Friend
  9. Tell Me You Love Me
  10. Feeling Older Now
  11. Afterglow
  12. The Big Show Down
  13. Happy Together
  14. Flo & Eddie radio Show Clip # 2
  15. Hot
  16. No Biz Like Show Biz
  17. It Never Happened
  18. Strictly Genteel
  19. Flo & Eddie Radio Clip # 3
  20. Another Pop Stars Life
  21. This Could Be The Day
  22. Dog Breath
  23. Moving Targets Outro: Living IN A Jungle