Hellooo Basementeers everywhere....

Today we have a legendary musician, who may not get the attention he should have...but today, we pay tribute to the music of Gary Wright.

He was in the legendary band Spooky Tooth, and went solo and had a few hits on his own. We will play songs from Gary's solo albums. He was known as The Dream Weaver, so if that works for you, us too, so let's get to his stuff Gary Write on the Basement.

Intro:Pray For Your Love
1.Power Of Love
2.Touched And Gone
3.The Wrong Time
4.It Ain't Right
5.Love Is Like A Rose
6.Stand Up For Your Rights
7.Are You Weepin'
8.I Can Feel You Cryin'
9.I Really Want To Know You
10.Get On The Right Road
11.Something Very Special
12.Waiting For The Wind
13.Who Am I
14.You Don't Own Me
15.Water Sign
16.Give Me The Good Earth
17.Love Is Alive
18.I Know A Place
19.Keep Your Love In Your Soul
20.Positive Feelings
21.Night Ride
22.Silent Fury
23.Fascinating Things
24.Blind Feeling
25.Take A Look
26.Fantasy Satisfyer
27.Love Is Why
Outro:Fascinating Things