Hello Basementeers all over...

Welcome to another Spotlight show, this time we have a very under rated songwriter, singer ect. her name is Janis Ian. Yes lots of people may know her name but have you heard her music...probably not...well except 2 hits.....but will get into then later in the show........

We will go through her older and newer records, CD's ect and you will like something from here when the show ends. The Staff in the basement liked her stuff and staff members are now buying her albums ...lol...strangely...

So now it's your turn to hear her music.....as we present...Janis Ian...

Intro: Marching On Glassgow

  1. Let Me Run Free
  2. Play Like A Girl
  3. The Parties Over
  4. Walking On Sacred Ground
  5. Society's Child
  6. Jackie's Skates
  7. Under The Covers
  8. Dead Man Walking
  9. Time On My Hands
  10. When The Silence Falls
  11. Look To The rain
  12. Black And White
  13. The Man You Are In Me
  14. Honor Them All
  15. Boy I Really Tied One On
  16. This night
  17. Song For All The Season Of Your Mind
  18. Paris In Your Eyes
  19. Party Lights
  20. All The Roads To The river
  21. Sea & Sand
  22. Standing In The Shadow Of Love
  23. The Grand Illusion
  24. Take Me Walking In The Rain
  25. Have Mercy Love
  26. When You Love someone
  27. Letter To Jon
  28. At 17
  29. Without You
  30. Here In Spain
  31. Sweet Misery
  32. Candle Light Outro: Marching On Glasgow

Time Approx: 2 hours