Hellooo Basementeers all over...

This was request and now lots of requests....so looking back last week I posted our show on Jefferson Airplane, then we hear that Marty balin pass away..so I thought it's only fitting to finish the saga....so we are doing a re-play of our Jefferson Starship show also done in 2014. So for the people who like both era's of the band here you go.

Intro: Universia Copernican Mumbles

  1. Ride The Tiger
  2. Stranger
  3. Sorry You, Sorry Me
  4. Ballad Of The Chrome Nun
  5. I'm The Fiddle Man
  6. Fast Buck Freddy
  7. Things To Come
  8. Crazy Feeling
  9. Wild Again
  10. Man Hole
  11. Dance With The Dragon
  12. Quit Wasting Time
  13. Lay It Right On The Line
  14. Jane
  15. Light The Sky On Fire
  16. Sun Fighter
  17. That's For Sure
  18. Rock Music
  19. Rock Myself To Sleep
  20. Run Away
  21. Wild Eyes
  22. With Your Love
  23. No One's Gonna Stop Us Now
  24. All Night Long

Time Approx: 2 Hours