Hellooo Basementeers all over.....

One day late, but delays will happen I am out of the Basement lately and in 3 projects all at once, this might go on all month sorry but we will try to get on old and new shows for the people who have not heard the older shows, here will be your chance, but can't help life calling me to get on stuff pulling me away from what I like to do....do shows for all of you,,, we will keep being here in some way or another.... Sooo...

Today we have the music of John Miles, a great songwriter. very under-rated as a musician ect.
So we bring his music to you and you can hear what he sounds like. We think you will like his songs.

Intro: Put The Whole Thing Down

  1. I Have Never Been In Love Before
  2. Stand Up And Give Me A Reason
  3. Where Would I Be Without You
  4. Once In Your Life
  5. Highfly
  6. Boarderline
  7. Out Of The Cradel
  8. I'll Never Do It Again
  9. Do It Anyway
  10. No Hard Feelings
  11. It's Not Called Angel
  12. Run
  13. Turn Yourself Lose
  14. Glamour Boy
  15. Blinded
  16. Music
  17. Take Me To Heaven
  18. Everybody Wants Some More Outro: Music