Hellooo Basementeers....

Today we have a good funky (Git Douwnnn) sound by a band called Pockets. They were cared for by Earth, Wind & Fire. This band had some good stuff on their own and they are lost to time, but we thought we would pay tribute to them and play songs from their 3 lp's they made.

So dig down in your pocket and dig the POCKETS.

Intro: Don't The Do
1.Baby Are You Coming Home With Me

  1. Pisado
  2. You & Only You
  3. How Do You Think It Feels
  4. Tell Me Why
  5. Come Go With Me
  6. Why'd Ya Do That
  7. Happy For Love
  8. Nothing Is Stronger
  9. Your Heart's In Trouble
  10. In The Pocket
  11. Take It On Up
  12. One Day At A Time
  13. Heaven Only Knows
  14. Bye, Bye Outro: Spinx