Hello Basementeers all over...

Today we have a band that was only known for 1 song in 1976, but they had a bit more to offer their listeners if you know there lp's.....They were called: Starbuck, and there big hit was (Moonlight Feels Right)..yes a semi hokey song from 1976, but we went through there 3 lp's and picked out some songs we thought could have been hits, if the record bizz would have taken them more seriously.

So well for the time being, we have some neat songs from this band. They used a synthesizer and the vibes for backing instruments to make there sound a bit different.

So hear are the sound of a forgotten 70's band....Starbuck....

Intro: Bordello Bordeaux

  1. Searching For A Thrill
  2. Lucky Man
  3. Rock & Roll Rocket
  4. Drop A Little Rock
  5. Yall Come Here And Rock & Roll
  6. Don't You Know How To Love A Lady
  7. The Slower You Go
  8. Easing Back
  9. Little Bird
  10. Moonlight Feels Right
  11. Nothing To It
  12. Benny Bought The Big One
  13. Back Lash Laru
  14. Everybody Be Dancing Outro: A Piece Of My Life