This Is A basement Replay

Well it's a busy week here in the Basement and it's a day late, couldn't help it...BUT....One of the Basementeers wanted to see if I had a T. Rex Show...Yes we did from 2013, why not play it for the people who didn't hear it the first time.

So for the Galm Fans too, here is some great songs that should be on classic rock radio, but there here on SFTB.

Intro: Prelude

  1. 20th Century Boy
  2. Telegram Sam
  3. All Of My Love
  4. Hot Rod Mama
  5. Childe
  6. Jupiter Lire
  7. Interstellar Soul
  8. Shock Rock
  9. Mombo Sun
  10. Cat Black
  11. Is It Love
  12. Lady
  13. Visions Of Domino
  14. King Of The Rumbling Skies
  15. Bang-A-Gong (Alt Version)
  16. Strange Orchestras
  17. Children Of The Revolution
  18. Dragons Ear
  19. Sound Pit
  20. Light Of Love
  21. Metal Guru
  22. Mustang Ford
  23. Monolith
  24. Chrome Sitar
  25. Raw Ramp
  26. Jewel
  27. The Groover
  28. Down Home Lady
  29. Salamanda Palaganda
  30. The Slider
  31. A Day Laye
  32. Beltline Walk
  33. Country Honey Outro: Prodotal Child

Time Approx: 2 Hours