Hellooo Basementeers...

Sorry for the delay this weekend....

Today we have a rockin' show for you, it's the wild man from Detroit, Ted Nugent.
We will go through his classic lp's and we think you will like something in this show.

If you like straight ahead rock N roll your gonna love this one...

Intro: Scottish Tea

  1. Queen Of The Forest
  2. Ain't It The Truth
  3. The Harder They Come
  4. No-No-No
  5. Journey To The Center Of The Mind
  6. Free For All
  7. Fist Fighting' Son Of A Gun
  8. Need You Bad
  9. Bite Down Hard
  10. Gimmy Love
  11. Storm Troopin'
  12. Put Up Or Shut Up
  13. Tied Up In Love
  14. Don't Cry (I'll Be Back)
  15. Sliddin' On
  16. Dr. Sling Shot
  17. Lady Luck
  18. High Heels In Motion
  19. Gonzo
  20. Tight Spots
  21. Light My Way
  22. 1000 Knives
  23. Breast Fed Gator
  24. Story Of Love
  25. Blame It On The Night
  26. Saddle Sore
  27. Call Of The Wild
  28. Snake Skin Cowboys
  29. Good & Ready
  30. I Gotta Move
  31. Just What The Doctor Ordered Outro: Homebound

Time Approx: 2 Hours