Helloooo Basementeers all over...

Today we have a legendary 60's / 70's band called: The Butterflied Blues Band.
Were going to play trax from there classic albums from the 60's / 70's We think they need some exposure in this new generation. What do you think ???

Intro:Blues With A Feeling

  1. Buddy's Advice
  2. Mary, Mary
  3. Mellow Down Easy
  4. Morning Blues
  5. Little Piece Of Dying
  6. One More Heartache
  7. Get Together Again
  8. One More Mile
  9. Look Over Yonder Wall
  10. No Amount Of Loving
  11. Dropping Out
  12. Spoonful
  13. 1000 Ways
  14. I Want To Be With You
  15. Born In Chicago
  16. Last Hope's gone
  17. Morning Sunrise
  18. Walking Blues
  19. Pretty Woman
  20. Get Out Of My Life Woman
  21. Born Under A bad Sign
  22. In My Own Dream
  23. Play On Outro: Screamin'

Time Approx: 90 Minutes